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Trees for Eureka

Helping build neighborhoods one tree at a time. 

Keep Eureka Beautiful can help you plant a tree(s) on the sidewalk or green strip. There is a $75.00 fee to offset the cutting of the holes in the sidewalk for street trees. If the sidewalk is not wide enough to accommodate a tree, there is no charge for yard trees planted near the sidewalk or in the green strip.

What Trees Can Do For You

PROPERTY VALUES: A Pennsylvania study of more than 3,000 home sales showed that home prices increased by about 9% when trees were panted within 50 feet.

CRIME: An Illinois study found that apartment buildings with high levels of greenery had 52% fewer property and violent crimes than those with little or no vegetation.

TRAFFIC CALMING:  Street trees slow traffic by making streets appear narrower.

SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL:   Children are more likely to walk or bicycle when the streets are safe.

CLEAN AIR & WATER:  Trees absorb carbon dioxide, trap dust and pollen, and clean stormwater.

NEIGHBORHOOD BUILDING:  Neighbors get to know and watch out for each other when they plant and care for street trees.

ENERGY USE:  Trees can reduce heating costs up to 25%  when properly placed.

HEALTH:  Tree-lined streets are safe and inviting for walkers and bicyclists, encouraging an active lifestyle.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Don't street trees heave up sidewalks?

A: Not if you pick the right tree for the right place. The City has a list of trees that work in sidewalks. Also, larger planting holes help avert sidewalk damage. 

Q: Isn't it expensive to put in a street tree?

A: Keep Eureka Beautiful can help with the cost. Contact us.

Q: What if someone runs into it and sues me?

A: Your homeowner's policy protects you from this hazard jas it it does any other accident on your property.

Q: How do I get a tree for my sidewalk or yard?

A: Call 707.441.5195.

Q: Don't trees take a lot of care?

A: Trees need to be watered the first few years and need occasional pruning, something you can do yourself or hire an arborist to do.

Q: Where can I see the difference that street trees make?


  • C Street between 8th & Wabash

  • Buhne between D & E Streets

  • 2nd Street between C & M Streets

  • Wabash between Summer & C Streets

Q: OK! I'm excited! How do I get a tree?

A:  Email us at:
We’ll need your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. We will send you a packet of information, which includes the City’s Street Agreement, which you can find at the bottom of this page (or click here.) 

Tree-Lined Streets

Studies show that communities that are kept clean and attractive enjoy more economic benefits and less crime. Keep Eureka Beautiful can help you plant trees in your neighborhood.

We Can Help

  • Picking a tree for your spot.

  • Furnishing a free tree.

  • Working with the City to cut sidewalk holes.

  • Helping defray the cost to cut the sidewalk holes.

  • Recruiting Volunteers to help you plant.

Stronger Neighborhoods

Neighbors began working together to plant street trees on C Street between 8th and Wabash in 2005. Looking back, they report that they got to know each other better as a result of the tree project, that neighborhood crime decreased, and that traffic has slowed.

Keep Eureka Beautiful

Keep Eureka Beautiful is a volunteer effort to build civic pride and promote beautification as vital to economic prosperity, crime prevention, and neighborhood resiliency.

Tree Agreement

By signing and returning the agreement, you accept legal responsibility for the tree (usually covered by the homeowner’s insurance).


Upon receiving the signed agreement, we’ll mark your sidewalk so the utility companies can identify underground lines. Once these are marked, we will meet with you to choose the tree type and location you want.


We’ll map your site and submit the application for a tree permit to the City. After the application is approved, we’ll schedule the planting.


The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the tree(s):

  • Watering at least twice a month in the dry months.

  • Weeding the tree wells so weeds do not steal nutrients.

  • Covering tree wells with compost or wood chips to improve soil quality and discourage weeds.

  • Fertilizing in the spring with a balanced (10-10-10) fertilizer.

Contact Info for Keep Eureka Beautiful:

2020 Fern Street
Eureka CA 95503

Keep Eureka Beautiful is not a city program. Please contact Keep Eureka Beautiful for more information.

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