Volunteer to Become a Co-Pilot for

UPLIFT Eureka!

Reclaiming Independence, Dignity & Employment...Together!

The City of Eureka community services has a new program, UPLIFT Eureka, created to guide the houseless population in accessing vital community resources to obtain housing and employment.

By uplifting one individual in need, together we can benefit & strengthen our entire community.

What is UPLIFT Eureka?

UPLIFT Eureka is data-driven program designed to strategically guide houseless members in our community through a series of resources and supportive programming to provide them with

the tools to reclaim independence, dignity and employment.

As a Volunteer Co-Pilot what will my role be?

Volunteers are the heartbeat of UPLIFT Eureka.

Houseless individuals who participate in UPLIFT Eureka will be matched up with volunteers (co-pilots, that's YOU!) who will be the primary liaison between UPLIFT Eureka participants and the resources in the community.  Co-pilots will establish relationships with community partners and resources in advance and be the primary advocate for the participants.  Having pre-established relationships will enable Co-pilots to reach out to partners to set up appointments, ask follow-up questions or even accompany a participant to a specific resource within the community.

Participants will be guided step-by-step to access various resources as they work their way to success.  These steps will include working on a personal budget, as well as setting up meetings

to get basic paperwork taken care of such as Social Security & ID cards.

The Co-pilot's priority is to ensure that their assigned participant has the tools to get the necessary resources, whether assisting in arranging transportation or following up with contacts on the

participant's behalf.  The consistency of the individual who will be the Co-pilot will also bring a familiarity and personal touch to the program, so the participants can build a relationship. This program will ensure folks feel supported and no one "slips between the cracks".