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Motivating blurb: CAC, #1 arts town..Empower Eureka has opportunites from blank to blank

Benefits: Ad to your portfolio, gain exposure needed to get more paid gigs

Volunteer Your Time


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Voice Your Opinion

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Attend the city’s Arts and Culture Commission meetings. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 12:30 PM at the Eureka City Hall,Room 207, 531 K St. Agendas are available on the City of Eureka website.

Eureka Waterfront Trail


Invest In Your Community

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When we invest in arts....

Mural Arts: Eureka Live Art Walls

​The City of Eureka and the Ink People collaborated to create the Eureka Live Art Walls. Public street art projects of this scale are more often seen in larger cities. A dynamic way to enliven and revitalize space, this outdoor art gallery features rotating work each month, allowing for artists to try and recognizing that art is truly a work in progress. The wall reduces vandalism by giving artists the chance to create complex pieces rather than quickly done tagsor throw-ups. From stencilsto wildstyle (styles of street art) This back to back style wall east of M Street and Waterfront Drive boosts almost 500 feet of paintings, all made by volunteers. Below are just a few examples of art on the wall. Check back for new work often. If you are or know artists interested in painting on the wall, please contact us at

Interested in learning more? Please click here to contact Empower Eureka!

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