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Our Responsibility.

Empower Eureka is a program designed for community members who desire to improve and enrich the quality of life in Eureka. Residents are matched with meaningful volunteer experiences that create positive change in practical ways.


Empower Eureka gives you eight volunteer opportunities to take direct action to address the causes that matter the most to you, in the manner best suited to what you can do. Some of us have a little extra time on our hands and are able to show up and volunteer. Others may have opinions that can improve our city but can only spare an hour or two to attend a council, commission or board meeting. For others a simple monetary or supply donation is how we can give back.


We all want to help make our city the best it can be and feel good about our contribution. The season for volunteering is now...influence Eureka's future and volunteer with Empower Eureka in a way that works best for YOU!

4th of July Festival
4th of July Festival

Support Volunteerism!

Wigi Wetlands Plant Removal
Wigi Wetlands Plant Removal

Boy Scouts Local Non-Profit Volunteers!

Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Stewardship

Eureka Trash Bash

4th of July Festival
4th of July Festival

Support Volunteerism!

Upcoming Events!

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February Highlights

Applications are being accepted for the following city boards and commissions:

  • Arts and Culture Commission- 1 seat

  • Eureka Energy Commission- 4 seats

  • Finance Advisory Committee- 1 seat

  • Housing Advisory Board- 1 seat

  • Planning Commission- 1 seat

  • Transportation Safety Commission- 1 seat

Applications may be obtained by phone or in person from the Mayor’s Office, City of Eureka, 531 “K” Street, Eureka, CA 95501, (707) 441-4144, or may be downloaded from the City Clerk’s website.

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May the enforcement be strong with you!


The Eureka Police Department wants you to join their Graffiti Removal and Abatement Team.

Work with police men and women to rid the city of vandalism. Protect public property before and after it strikes

Know of vandalism in your neighborhood? Speak out and report it.

Ready to help address our city's challenges?

Click here to fill out an interest form and get in the action!

Environmental Stewardship:

         E.C.O Eureka

We are recruiting volunteers to help with our Plastic Awareness Campaign. Participate in tabling events and educational outreach about single-use plastics. Help reduce our community waste and hand out FREE environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags. Click here to fill out an interest form and begin volunteering!

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

                          -Helen Keller

Volunteers In Action!


"One of my favorite aspects of volunteering is socializing and getting to know my neighborhood. Sharing the park with others through my photography has brought other benefits too: I got three of my best job offers solely through volunteering."

- Tricia, Dog Park

"I volunteer to make things better here. Fundraising and committee meetings don't work as well for me as working directly with a trained team alongside professionals. That's my idea of volunteering, and don't wait until you retire!”

~Roger, Public Safety


Interested in learning more? Please click here to contact Empower Eureka!